Byrne, Rice and Turner has been serving the marine industry since 1947.

One of the best ways to get acquainted with our products and the manufacturers we represent is to visit the catalog download page where you will find along with our general catalog many other Byrne, Rice & Turner manufacturer-specific downloadable digital catalogs.

The number of digital downloadable catalogs is constantly changing but currently, you should see at least nine.

The first is our large general catalog which has an interactive index for each section that will jump to the pages you have interest in when you place your cursor over an item or page and click. Pages may be copied or saved as a PDF and emailed if you like.

Larger catalogs can be viewed or downloaded in sections or in their entirety. Small catalogs because of their size always download in their entirety.

Most catalogs (where space permits) often have our signature Lagniappe (a little something extra which includes a wide range of interesting things such as quotes, historical items, Cajun stories, humorous items, etc.) We believe in enjoying ourselves while we work and we think you will find that evident when browsing our catalogs.

We want to thank our loyal customers and potential customers for visiting our website. We work for you and will endeavor to serve you with aggressive pricing, quality products, and good service.  

I also want to make you aware of the specific lines we distribute relative to barges. We handle barge winches, deck fittings, diesel pumps, hatches, and barge lights. We also have a barge winch refurbishing program for 40-ton barge hand winches which includes a two-year warranty.  Our customers are extremely pleased with this program. Ask us about our winch refurbishing program.

We sell many of the finest and most recognized names in the industry: