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I want to express our sincerest thanks because you pay our salaries. This catalog is our attempt to provide you with up to date information on the wide variety of supplies that we handle. Many new products have been added to this latest edition. We represent so many manufacturers that it is impractical to publish their entire lines here. If you don’t see the particular product that you are looking for, call us anyway because we can almost always get it.

Byrne, Rice & Turner, Inc. has been serving the marine industry since 1947. Our personnel are knowledgeable and eager to serve you. We listen to our customers. We welcome feedback from you in order to better serve you. If there is a particular item you want us to stock, or a type of service that you need, please bring it to our attention so if possible we can accommodate you.

We do warehouse and distribute many of the items represented. In some cases, we are the exclusive distributorship. Although it is impossible for us to keep all of the items contained here, we do regularly evaluate stocking requirements on the basis of changing customer demand to ensure customer satisfaction. It is not our intention to imply that we manufacture or have any exclusive rights of distribution to all of these items.

Long time customers know they can expect a little something extra from Byrne, Rice and Turner. Atwood Rice Jr. set that standard for us for many years and although he passed away in 2004 we still endeavor to follow his example. This catalog is not a departure from that tradition. You will find that even our catalog contains a little LAGNIAPPE! In keeping with New Orleans tradition, lagniappe is “a little something extra” a sort of baker’s dozen if you will.

Sprinkled throughout this catalog you will find humorous, helpful, and thought provoking items for your enjoyment. Many of the dark bordered section dividers contain articles of patriotic thought. The United States was blessed with a unique beginning. Many individuals purchased the freedoms we enjoy today at great price. Liberty is an idea that was embraced by our culture. Liberty is not solely threatened from external sources. Internal threats also can eat away at our liberty like a cancer. It can be gradually lost to ideas whose inferiority is hidden by their appeal to immediate gratification. Edmund Burke said, “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” It is our sincerest hope that none of us will take the blessings of this country for granted, and that more countries may make these blessings their own. We look forward to hearing from you, and truly wish God’s best for you and your loved ones.


John Rice

BRT Marine Catalog

TABLE OF CONTENTS: The first page of each section is a detailed index of the section’s contents. There is also a general index in the back which will guide you to the appropriate section.

BRT Marine Product Catalog

Application for Credit

Section A………. Hull

Section B ……… Deck

Section C ……… Engine Room

Section D ……… Pumps

Section E ……… Plumbing

Section F ……… Galley

Section G ……… Quarters

Section H ……… Safety

Section I ……… Pilot House

Section J ……… Aids to Navigation

Section K ……… Misc (compounds coatings etc)

Product Index

Manufacturer Index

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Advantec Catalog

Anchor Hatches

Barnes Catalog

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Fernstrum Catalog

Franklin Electric Catalog

Griswold Catalog

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Haight Pump Catalog

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McDermott Light & Signal Catalog

Maxim Silencers Catalog

MP Pumps Catalog

Mueller Steam Specialty Catalog

Nabrico Catalog

TABLE OF CONTENTS: The first page of each section is a detailed index of the section’s contents.

Rope & Cordage

Viking Pump Catalog

Wager Catalog

Wintech Catalog

Guide to the Lagniappe

(pronounced “Lan-yap”)

Scattered throughout the catalog—often tucked into the corner of a page-are humorous, helpful or thought-provoking tid-bits. We want you to enjoy using our catalog.

We hope you always enjoy doing business with us.

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