Navigation Aids


Byrne, Rice & Turner can outfit your vessels with Aids to Navigation.Whether outfitting or repairing, Byrne, Rice & Turner is in a position to assist you.

Byrne, Rice & Turner maintains stocks of commonly requested items and maintains excellent relationships with at least the manufacturers listed below so that items you require can be obtained efficiently and cost effectively.

To see a more complete list of the manufacturers that we represent click here. Don’t hesitate to call our office to order or for assistance. 800-725-3787.Outfitting Mariners is our only business.

Manufacturer Byrne Rice& Turner
Stock Notes
Byrne, Rice, and Turner maintains a large inventory of Buell Air Horns. Buell Air Horns BRT maintains a large inventory of air horns.
Bryne, Rice and Turner distributes Carlisle and Finch Lighting Technology. Carlisle and Finch
Leading Edge Lighting Technology for over 100 years. Let Carlisle and Finch “light up your night”.
At BRT our prices are excellent and delivery is FAST!
Commercial and Military Horns and Whistles
BRT stocks a range of military and commercial horns.  Available for immediate shipment
McDermott Lights
Download McDermott Catalog
Barge Lights
The best barge lights in the industry. The most economical and most durable. Available in a wide range of configurations. Some items in stock. Available for quick shipment. Call today.
Marine lights, hardware, and accessories.
BRT maintains a large inventory of searchlights and navigation lights which are available for immediate shipment

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