Progressive Dynamics PD2160 (60 Amp) Converter / Charger

The PD2160 is a 60-amp Electronic Marine Converter/Charger capable of charging up to three separate banks of batteries at the same time. It incorporates a microprocessor that constantly monitors battery voltage, then automatically selects one of four operating modes to ensure safe, rapid recharging cycles. The Storage Mode and the Equalize Mode of operation ensures minimum battery gassing and water loss while preventing battery stratification and sulfation. All Inteli-Power chargers are designed to meet the stringent requirements of
the Marine environment and are UL listed for safety. A digital meter displays current, voltage, operation mode, blown fuse indication, and battery type.

SpecificationsInput: 105-130 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1,000 Watts | Dimensions: 10.9″L x 7.8″W x 4.2″H | Weight: 6.4 LBS.


  • Four-Stage Charging System- patented Microprocessor constantly monitors battery voltage and automatically selects one of the four charging modes; BOOST, NORMAL, STORAGE or EQUALIZE.
  • 3 Diode Isolated Outputs- allows the converter/charger to charge three separate banks of batteries. Each output is capable of handling the full rated current of the charger.
  • Patented Reverse Battery Protection- prevents converter/charger from being damaged if the batteries are accidentally connected to the charger in reverse.
  • Over Voltage Protection- prevents high voltage spikes from damaging the converter/charger.
  • Electronic Current Limiting- limits the output current to the maximum rating of the charger to prevent overheating and damage caused by shorts or excessive loads.
  • Intelligent Cooling Fan- only runs as fast as required to maintain a more constant operating temperature inside the converter/charger. This feature reduces thermal stress caused by fans that cycle on and off.
  • Programmable in the Field- to provide optimum charging profiles for lead-acid, gel-cell, or AGM batteries.
  • Regulated Output Voltage- prevents AC Line voltage variations from being transmitted to the batteries and 12 volt circuits.
  • Automatic Over-Temperature Shutdown- prevents converter/charger damage in the event the fan is unable to cool the charger due to inadequate compartment ventilation.
  • Series or Parallel Connection- Inteli-Power Converter/Chargers can be connected in series to provide a combination 12/24 Volt system, or in parallel to provide more current.

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